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 We are Providing Roofing Insurance

Have you insured your roofing and want to make an insurance claim because it is damaged? Insurance claims proving that your roofing is damaged within the insurance laws are very difficult. But with our expert team guiding you throughout the process, from proving your Insurance claim to reconstructing your roof, you will not have any problems.

If your roof is damaged by a hail storm, heavy rain, or any other natural calamity, then you have the right to claim roofing insurance. We will be behind your back to cover you up in each step regarding the roofing insurance so that even if you do not understand anything, you will not have to worry because we will be there for you.

But you must keep in mind that not all of the accidents will come under the roofing insurance claims. You need to know what damages are claimable. So let’s look at some of the essential things regarding roofing insurance so that you can understand everything.

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What Is Covered Under Roofing Insurance? 

Before filing a roofing claim, it is essential to know if your roof damage falls under your insurance company’s policies. Here are some damages that most insurance companies accept.

Wind or Hail

Whether your insurer will accept a claim for wind, hail, or rain depends on the roof’s age before the damage. Also, not every insurance company covers rain and hailstorms. The areas where rain, hailstorm, and heavy winds are usually do not have insurance coverage for damages from these factors.

If you have an old roof, it’s better to have an inspection every month so that if a natural calamity affects your roof, you can claim that it was not old enough that wind or rain could damage it. In this case, choosing a reliable and reputable company is better to strengthen your insurance claim.

This is where we play our role for our customers by inspecting the roof and making a report mainly for the betterment of the customer so that you can easily have an approved Insurance claim.


Some insurance companies allow the claim approval of roof replacement, but not all companies allow this. So you must confirm if the company pays for the roof replacement under insurance. This also depends on the age of your roof, charges of replacement, and why did you replace your roof. Some insurance companies accept specific damages that lead to replacement.

The older your roof, the more chances of wear and tear are there. Even a single rain will cause damage to the roof, so in this case, your insurance company might not accept a claim for this damage.

A 5 or 10 years old roof usually has the replacement money from the insurance company. An older roof than 20 years will not be acceptable to the insurance company. The old roof has already experienced a lot of wear and tear every season, which is why it could be easily affected by nature.

Roof Leaks

Most companies provide insurance claims for roof leaks, but it all depends on whether the house owner is taking appropriate measures to keep the roof safe or not. The company’s age will also affect the acceptance of a claim for leaking. Most insurance companies allow claim acceptance for roofs up to 10 years old.

We offer 5 year workmanship warranties and standard lifetime manufacturer warranties. Additional warranties on workmanship are available as well. MultiPro Roofing will always stand by our quality workmanship and Customer Experience.

Looking For Insurance Experts?

We are the experts in roofing insurance and thus help people to claim their insurance smoothly with no hurdles. Having industry experience we can have expert advice for our customers. Do you know what is the best part? We will provide you with free assistance with insurance claims.

Our company gives a complimentary damage analysis of the entire property. It is a compulsory thing required by insurance companies when you claim roofing insurance. We help make an estimate that allows you to repair all of your storm-damaged property instead of only minor repairings.

Our experts will guide you through the process, even meeting with your insurance adjuster at your home. You may wonder why we do this because we care about our customers and treat them like family. Do you know what is the most significant benefit of all this? You will save a lot of money and frustration.